The United States Army recently announced its goal to ensure that 25 percent of its energy is produced from renewable sources by 2025. To achieve this, it is currently awarding up to $7 billion in contracts for companies to commit to spending the next decade developing renewable and alternative generation projects tailored toward the military. The Army hopes to construct net-zero facilities; that is, facilities that produce as much energy as they use. Companies of all sizes are encouraged to submit bids to work on these projects and, in order to promote the success of small companies, any large businesses that win are required to subcontract a certain amount of the grant to small businesses.

The United States Army primarily hopes to reduce military spending through the employment of sustainable practices while also reducing military reliance on fallible electric grids. Each branch of the military is currently in the midst of meeting new clean energy mandates put forth by the Department of Defense.

About the author: Matt Judkin is the President and CEO of the AGR Group, Inc., a marketing group that focuses on the energy industry. He is also the CEO of Energy Professionals, LLC.