President and chief executive officer of AGR Group, Matt Judkin, possesses more than a decade of experience in the retail energy sector. Holding various senior management positions throughout his career, Matt Judkin has extensive knowledge in marketing and sales strategy consulting.

AGR Group offers a combination of marketing and sales services to clients in the energy retail industry. As an extension of its clients’ existing sales teams, AGR leverages its contacts and experience in the industry to gain leads using outbound sales techniques. Its team of trained telemarketers aid with customer questions, schedule prospect appointments, and cross-sell products and services. Utilizing AGR’s offerings that target specific demographics, time-efficiency and strong relationships with customers are achieved.

The company has clientele ranging from small start-ups to large corporations. AGR’s team is qualified to address and execute marketing strategies in the residential and commercial sectors of the energy industry. Furthermore, its third-party verification process ensures that sales transactions meet specifications, which is essential to protecting its clients.