Business executive Matt Judkin maintains a vast repertoire of skills in enterprise management, marketing, and customer service. He currently functions as President, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder of Las Vegas-based AGR Group, a leading company in energy sales and the nation’s largest marketing operation within the energy industry. During Mr. Judkin’s first two years with AGR Group, he held the position of Vice President of Business Development. Across his nearly 10-year tenure with the firm, Matt Judkin has helped AGR Group expand its staff of 12 to over 1,200 employees serving the top 12 energy suppliers in all North America.

In 2008, Matt Judkin founded Energy Professionals LLC as an extension of AGR Group. Today, this company, which is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, specializes in energy brokering, management and consulting and remains licensed to service clients in every state that allows deregulated energy options. Energy Professionals advises consumers on their energy requirements and helps them save money on monthly electrical and natural gas bills by negotiating with suppliers on their behalf. Mr. Judkin currently directs the spinoff entity as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Beyond his professional responsibilities, which include a role as President of FMR Management Inc. in Las Vegas, Matt Judkin enjoys riding motorcycles and horses, as well as hunting and fishing. He contributes to many charitable groups such as World Vision Inc., Athletes for America, the Wounded Warrior Project, and Friends of Thai Daughters, Inc.