Apart from his work as the president and CEO of AGR Group Inc., retail energy expert Matt Judkin is a champion of various charitable initiatives and programs. Matt Judkin supports (CAGW), a nonprofit organization and watchdog that is dedicated to the elimination of inefficiency and mismanagement in the government’s use of public funds.

Citizens Against Government Waste is active in pointing out the discrepancies in the use of federal funds, especially those that are used to fund controversial “pork barrel” projects. In the early part of October 2013, CAGW launched the “Shut Down the Waste” social media campaign, an initiative that seeks to promote public awareness of inefficient and wasteful government spending.

Using a blend of both traditional and social media, Shut Down the Waste calls on President Obama and the Congress to heed the plea of taxpayers regarding accountability and transparency in the use of government funds. The campaign has been steadily releasing recommendation reports and video commentaries to the public, in effort to shock public officials into positive action.